Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two Minute Tuesday: Taming the Grocery Bags

You all know what I'm talking about.  That cabinet where you stuff all the grocery/store bags rather than throwing them away for any myriad of reuses.  Or maybe you have a full stock of re-usable bags for all your shopping needs and can't relate.  If so, good for you, helping our planet and all. I have a few myself to help make the dreaded grocery trips a little easier (they're bigger and easier to carry) but still end up with a few plastic ones.

But there are endless uses for those plastic bags - carry dirty/wet clothes, small wastebasket liners, lunch bags, dog poop picker uppers, etc. Unfortunately, they tend to take over the space under the sink (or wherever you choose to store them). Sure you could go spend your hard earned money on some grocery bag holder. There is a huge variety available with sleek modern designs, or even a $50+ dollar wooden one I saw earlier. But they almost all go on the inside of your cabinet door.

So who cares what it looks like? No one is going to see it. Save that hard earned money.

Next time you finish off a box of tissues, grab some 3M or other sticky strips - you know, the ones you can hang posters, pictures and other stuff with. Attach as directed.

Stuff with grocery bags.

And done. 

I used the stickies on all 4 corners so it doesn't peel away when I pull a bag out. Super easy and is faster than it took you to read this post. I have one in the kitchen now, but as we empty some more tissue boxes I will probably put one in each of our bathrooms since we use the grocery bags in the bathroom trash cans.

I haven't pulled it off, so I can't assure you it won't affect the finish of your cabinet. Since they're not supposed to pull paint off, I felt comfortable using them on our finished wooden cabinets. It probably depends on what kind of cabinets you have though, so use at your own risk and if you end up wrecking your cabinet, don't come crying to me!

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