Monday, March 4, 2013

5 Months

My little Peanut is five months old. 
 Hard to believe she went from this:

to this:

in that short amount of time. 

This was a tough month, with very little sleep. Four month shots, combined with her first cold, and Wonder Week 19, gave us a fussy, sleepless baby for much of the month. And we were at the doctors once a week. Uck. BUT by the end of it, we have an even happier, funnier, and more interactive baby than before and fell even more in love with her (if that's possible?!).

She celebrated her first Valentine's Day with a party at daycare and gave her "friends" little cards with finger puppets, and her teacher's some chocolate and Dunkin Donuts gift cards.  Yea, I was that mom. I'm sure the novelty of it all will wear off by the time she's at an age where it actually matters.

We have entered the "if it's in front of me I grab it and shove it in my mouth stage" as well, so that's... drooly?

She rolled from her belly to her back several times near the end of the month - something she hadn't done in months.  She started blowing raspberries one night which quickly turned into one of her favorite things.  Other favorites include Wheel of Fortune (lights, sounds, colors, letters, what's not to love?!) and pulling my hair. She also learned to shriek, which is not my favorite thing, but after a few days she's not doing it as often.

Still in size 2 diapers, and mostly 6 month clothes, but some 3 month still fit. Last doctor's appointment she was a little over 14 lbs and about 25 inches.  She smiles at almost everyone, and reserves her giggles for things that are truly funny.... like me saying "H" in a weird voice. She doesn't mind other people holding her, but if I'm in the room, her eyes are glued on me. Most days she wakes up chatting away at the ceiling fan.

I might be a little biased, but she's basically the best thing ever.

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