might as well: a phrase indicating that it is probably better to do something than not to do it

Life is short, unpredictable, and beautiful.  You might as well live it, love it, and laugh every chance you get.

I'm a wife and mom. I work full time. Sometimes life is really, really hard.  But it is always amazing and never boring when I'm doing it right.

I was born and raised in the New England suburbs with a small town country heart. I say what I think more than I should and often make decisions by asking myself if it will matter in five years. You will never catch me watching The Kardashians or The Bachelor, but I am addicted to Law & Order: SVU and Duck Dynasty.  I am vehemently against the iPhone for reasons even I don't understand and have a completely irrational fear of mustard.

I take too many pictures - quality varying from perfectly (ok, decently) balanced DSLR to grainy 1st generation Droid.  I make jokes at all the wrong times, and am obsessed with all things country music.

I'm a self-proclaimed Excel nerd, a bit of a wordsmith, and love using my skills to help others achieve their goals. And I've got big dreams to bring it all together and do my part to be the change.